Music has always been a passion for Scott Jacobs. As a child, his grandfather gave him the best gift any young child could ask for: A 1941 “National New Yorker” Archtop Electric Guitar. The guitar was played endlessly by Jacobs’ grandfather, an accomplished jazz musician. From the second that the young Scott Jacobs plugged in that guitar and strummed his first chord, he was hooked.


When Jacobs left his hometown at the age of 18, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that music is what he was born to do, and simply no other career would suit him. A week after his 19th birthday, he was on the other side of the world, living on a boat, and working as a musician for a cruise line. He would go on to perform for various cruise lines for a few years, during this time performing as a guitarist, and as a piano bar entertainer. Although these early gigs would wet his appetite for performing, and prepare him for life as a traveling musician, he quickly realized this is not what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to return to his first love: Songwriting.


Jacobs would return to Vancouver Island and begin his career as a solo original folk musician, all while completing a diploma in Jazz performance at VIU. In 2017, Jacobs released his first album, A 12 track LP entitled “Sleepless Dreams”. Drawing upon his Indie-Folk influences, the album featured lyrically diverse original songs about the life and experiences of a travelling musician. Most recently he has been performing and promoting the album daily, and has now sold over 2000 copies. The single from the album “Indiana”, was spun 47 times in it’s first week of being played on Vancouver radio. Jacobs is now hungrier for more than ever, and plans to begin recording an even stronger follow-up album in the winter of 2018.